How much is the maintenance

JL Crater General Contractor refers to the readers that at the time of evaluating a property, the appraisers consider three main aspects: age, project quality and State of conservation of the property. On this last point, specifically evaluate the type of soil, construction and accessory elements, i.e., special facilities and complementary works.

Are there what types of maintenance?

There are three levels of care: predictive, preventive and corrective.
Predictive. Knowing the State that holds the property, facilities and furniture, you can detect symptoms or know in what specific time maintenance should be some aspect of the property before the failure and repair is more expensive.
Preventive. Refers to those aspects that could result in higher impairments, for example, waterproofing without this periodic maintenance.
Corrective. Corrects defects or faults in the building, so the repairs tend to be the most expensive of the three levels mentioned.

The appraiser believes the State of conservation of the maintenance, for example; more old property and better maintenance, suffers less punishment or demerit in their value.

What maintenance should I give my property?

- Low maintenance: at least once a year to prevent deterioration or damage the painting of facades, walls, windows and doors. As well as lubricate hinges and sliding windows and closets.

- Medium maintenance: once every three years. This includes maintenance low, already mentioned, in addition to reviewing the State of the roof sealing, State of electrical, hydraulic and sanitary installation, check for leaks in the bathroom and kitchen furniture.

It is also necessary to review the status of water heaters and how they work the doors and windows of the building.

- Major maintenance: repairs of damage as slab leaks, dampness in the walls, leaks in the bathroom furniture, damage to the locks, cracks in floors and walls, short in electrical installations.

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Where can I get professional services?

Property owners are increasingly aware of the importance of the maintenance on the issue of surplus value. Therefore, demand professional services, that meet the standards of quality and reliability in the services. This has resulted in the growth of businesses specialized in the subject, such as JL Crater General Contractor, Inc.