By Hugo
Thursday, February 08, 2018

8:29 AM

Cold temperatures seem to mean nothing to Jose and his fantastic workers! I was very pleased when Jose did my concrete job so quickly at such high quality for a reasonable price. He came everyday, on time, till the work was complete. I would definitely hire them for any future jobs.

By Yvonne Johnson

Friday, November 17, 2017

10:53 AM

Doors and Floor

JL Crater - Jose and Omar was professional and phenominal job. The were neat, nice and patient with me. They were very committed to their and i am truly glad i found these guys. Great Work!!! I will refer them to anyone.

By erosjv

January 21, 2016
Kitchen remodel
4 days
Great Contractor

Had a great experience with JL Crater. I contracted him to remodel my bathroom and he took care of it all. He even helped me match colors and it turned out absolutely beautiful! He finished fast with everything done on time including electrical and plumbing work done as well. I would recommend him for any project and I will definitely be hiring him once again for my future projects.

By Shirley G.

January 10, 2016
porch and painting
4 days

Jose and JL Crater employees are very professional, reliable and easy to work with. He came in on a project that had failed inspection..JL Crater worked with my schedule and were ALWAYS on time. Jose was very conscious of my budget. He offered suggestions that worked well for the project. Jose will be my go to contractor on any future jobs that I might have. I would recommend JL Crater for any job big or small. (I think of Jose as a friend because of his dedication to me and my remodeling projects).

By Mark S.

December 28, 2015
Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel
5 days
Kitchen and Bath Remodels

I hired Jose from JL Crater about 6 months ago to remodel my kitchen, it was really outdated and needed new flooring, cabinets, counter tops. Jose came on time every day, did a great job and even did some extras, no charge. I was so pleased that I hired him again several months later to totally redo my main bathroom. Again, I was more than happy and he has become the person I call for any issues or work that I need.

By a User in Chicago

March 20, 2015
kitchen remodel
4 days
Amazing Contractor

They were extremely kind and flexible to my schedule. Their workers were always on time and very kind. They remodeled my kitchen and our it came out beautiful. I would highly recommend them.

By a User in Chicago

March 19, 2015
living room floor and windows
2 days

They are great works does a wonderful job

By charles K.
March 18, 2015

Reading the reviews above, I guess my job wasn't big enough for Jose Louis to put forth a good effort. I had some dry wall replacement/patching done and replaced floor tiles. The dry wall patch work was average, but I mainly have an issue with the technique. They patched more much in some areas than there was original dry wall remaining, this could have been done to look a lot better if they just ripped off the rest of the drywall and put up an entirely new piece. The corners of the walls were especially sub par, with holes and sloppy edges. But the tile part of the job is what really got me. The job was to replace about 4 floor tiles and I provided them with 7 replacement tiles to work with. There was discussion of a cabinet being installed in this area, so the back row of tiles would likely be covered by the cabinet foot print. Somehow, they used all 7 tiles (to replace 4) and the two worst tiles were ones that would not be covered by the cabinet. One of these tiles was fine to begin with, so I am not sure why they replaced it, but the replacement was severely crooked. The second tile simply looked like the whole end got chipped off, and they filled it with grout. When I brought all of this up to them, they asked me to get more tile and they would fix it. As most people know, finding extra tile to match an original install from 12+ years ago is nearly impossible, so I was especially mad that they used all 7 of my remaining tiles then asked me to get more. I also brought up the fact that this wasn't an acceptable solution and discussed the poor workmanship with JL Crater, to which I got no response. I would give 1 star, but the job was cheap ($900) and Jose was a nice guy. I just wish Jose would have proposed doing the job the right way instead of the cheap way, as I would have been happy to pay more for a better outcome.

By anonymous+1425444639

March 4, 2015
Contrate a Jose Luis the General contractor , para hacer trabajos de Plumbing , Hvac, Electrical , for New ice cream Shop , we passed all the inspection He did a Good Job, llamen a JL Crater , para sus nuevos proyectos I recomemded tks...

By Margarita R.
August 22, 2014
Electrical, Plumbing, Drywall Ceiling
14 days
Store Violation Corrections

My store on LeMonye Ave was closed due to some electrical, plumbing, and safety violations. I hired 2 different contractors and neither was able to pass the inspections. I was referred to Jose Luis, the General Contractor, and he came and did a great job. He fixed all the issues and replaced my existing ceiling with a fire proof drywall ceiling required by the city. We passed all of the inspections and were able to reopen our store and get back to work. I wish I had know about JL Crater in the beginning, I would have saved myself time, money, and a headache. I would hire them again in the future and I've recently recommended them to a local store owner who also needs some work done.

By Carlos
August 21, 2014
complete remodeling
32 days

I bougt a house that needs completed remodeling plumbing carpentery.heating,and electrical work cause city violations hire this contractor and Already finish .and pass all the city inspections with out any problems they're very effycient and responsible.thanks

By Jamie L.
April 10, 2013

I was very surprised when the owner of the company came out to meet me and do the estimate for my small job. JL Crater employees were very professional and did a great job refinishing my old hardwood floors. They are fabulous, thanks Jose!

By Eugene
March 4, 2013

JL Crater completed my 2nd story remodel ahead of schedule and on budget. they are polite and efficient and i would highly recommend them for any size job you may have!!

By Carlos
March 4, 2013
Very satisfied with the service of this contractor got his service for my kitchen and bathroom remodeling and they gave me really good service for a good price I recommend them for all your home projects thanks.

By Miguel
March 3, 2013

Highly reliable and extremely efficient general contractor for all of your home repair and remodeling needs. JL Crater is very responsive and keeps projects completed on time and on budget. I recommend you call JL Crater today for your next home remodeling or construction project. Thanks Jose!

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